Small Loans from 100 $ on account immediately

Small loan – online comparison of small loans

Small loan - online comparison of small loans

A small loan can be very helpful as it can quickly lead to unexpected costs, such as repairs to the car. Even if a long-awaited investment is to be made, a relatively small amount of money is often required. The solution: a small loan. The small loan can help you flexibly with relatively small financial constraints and has several advantages.

It can be easily searched and compared online to possibly even get a small loan into the account immediately.

What is a small loan?

What is a small loan?

A small loan is an installment loan, which, depending on the bank, can usually be borrowed between USD 500 and USD 5,000. So a small to medium loan amount.

A small loan therefore has a low credit line and more flexible conditions. The term of a small loan is usually between 12 and 24 months. It can be individually adjusted and is usually possible for up to 84 months. The small loans are repaid in a short to medium-term period with fixed monthly installments.

Because the amount of money borrowed is relatively low and the risk to the bank is relatively low, a small loan has a lower interest rate. In addition, the small loan is not earmarked and can be used individually. The borrowed money can be used freely. The approval of a small loan also depends on the creditworthiness.

The advantages of small loans in a nutshell:

  • Not earmarked
  • Low and constant interest rate
  • Low monthly installments
  • Flexible term
  • Faster implementation thanks to possible online application

A comparison is important to be able to use these advantages accordingly. In the next section of this article you will learn everything about such an online comparison.

In addition to the small loan, there is also the mini loan. Feel free to visit our Mini Loans page to learn more about the difference.

Online comparison of small loans thanks to loan finders

Online comparison of small loans thanks to loan finders

In order to find the most suitable small loan for the specific purpose, it is recommended to compare the terms of different small loans and therefore the online lender. loan finders helps you to compare several small loans and loans in general online. It shows the different characteristics so that you can find your small loan.

At loan finders, various small loan offers from several reliable credit institutions are compared and the services are shown in a detailed and clear manner. Thanks to this online comparison, you can find the right offer for you, such as a small loan to your account and with immediate transfer. loan finders’s service is free of charge, transparent and you have everything listed at a glance, including the advantages and disadvantages.

This online comparison can be carried out quickly and easily. But can a small loan also be taken out quickly without the normally many formalities?

Can a small loan be taken out online & quickly?

Can a small loan be taken out online & quickly?

Since a small loan is usually to be obtained quickly, the lender can be easily found on the basis of the quick and practical comparison with loan finders. After this suitable small loan has been found, it can be applied for online directly from the comparison. You will be forwarded to the bank of the selected offer and in most cases a form can be quickly and easily filled out online with the necessary information and documents for a loan request. The procedure for obtaining a small loan online can vary with the credit institution, so that the respective conditions – shown in detail by loan finders – must be observed in order to find the right one.

Since the application process takes place online, a small loan can usually be taken out quickly. The check is quick in most cases, depending on the lender.

Can I get a small loan with bank transfer immediately to my account?

Can I get a small loan with bank transfer immediately to my account?

It depends on the lender and the conditions whether a small credit with transfer can be received into the account immediately. The money from small loans is often needed quickly and should preferably appear on the account within a few seconds. Thanks to loan finders, you can easily and securely compare the different and trustworthy small loan offers online. Conditions such as the payout time are also mentioned.

A small loan immediately into the account can be quickly obtained with bank transfer. An audit can be quick, so you can get the money into your account in a short amount of time. However, the payout time is only representative and depends on many factors. This includes, for example, the cooperation of the small lender with your bank. Now we come to the question of whether a small loan can work despite Credit bureau.

Is a small loan possible despite Credit bureau?

Is a small loan possible despite Credit bureau?

The worry about the Credit bureau is often unfounded. Credit bureau entries are completely normal and are created when you sign a cell phone contract. The Credit bureau Score is an indicator of the payment behavior of the consumer. A negative Credit bureau entry only arises through late payment for loans or reminders.

Positive and negative are noted. For small loans, banks in Germany are also obliged to check the creditworthiness, i.e. the creditworthiness of the consumer. There are many factors in determining creditworthiness, not just the Credit bureau Score. Income, account life, payment history and the general financial situation. The higher the creditworthiness, the higher the probability that a small loan will be repaid on schedule and therefore the risk of default is lower.

A credit check is also necessary when granting a small loan, and the conduct of a check shows that it is a reputable provider. A small loan can also be taken despite a moderate or poor Credit bureau score. Since a small loan is a relatively small sum of money, a lender can usually be found easily. There are also some providers who pay little attention to the general creditworthiness of the Credit bureau Score.

There are also many lenders (bank and private) that generally invest in consumers with moderate credit ratings. Acceptance despite negative creditworthiness is shown in the loan finders list.

Can I get a small loan from a private person?

Can I get a small loan from a private person?

A small personal loan is another option to get money. The lender is a private individual, not a bank. This option is often referred to as a small credit from private to private, because it is granted to private individuals. This involves mediation between a private lender and a private borrower. Therefore, the terms of the contract can be designed flexibly, with regard to the interest rate and the term.

For people with a regular income or a poor credit rating, the small loan from private offers an alternative financing. This is very helpful if the bank could refuse a small loan due to its poor credit rating. Receiving a small loan from a private person offers an opportunity to borrow money even with an average credit rating, but it depends on the private lender.

In the case of a moderate or poor credit rating, higher interest rates can be expected, since the risk for the private lender is higher and is therefore offset.

Borrow 50 dollars – mini loan with immediate approval and quick payment

50 dollar loan

50 dollar loan

Do you have a small financial shortage right now and need 50 USD? Then a 50 dollar loan can certainly help you. Loans can also be taken out over the small sum of 50 USD. The advantage of mini loans is that you don’t borrow large amounts and don’t have long terms. You will pay back your mini loan in one installment as soon as your next salary is received. Here you can find out how you can take out a loan of over 50 USD and when this can be useful.

Which providers can I borrow 50 USD from?

Which providers can I borrow 50 USD from?

There are several mini loan providers. Most providers only grant mini loans from an amount of 100 USD. Best Bank is the only major provider that also offers 50 dollar loans. The mini loan term is 50 days at 50 USD. If you borrow the 50 USD, you have 30 days to repay the money.

There are 10.36 percent interest. The interest rate is the annual percentage rate. Since the term is only 30 days, the interest amounts to only 43 cents. If you have received the USD 50 loan, you have 30 days to repay the total amount of USD 50.43.

Who can take out a 50 dollar loan?

Anyone can take out a 50 dollar loan. Best Bank grants loans to adults living in Europe. A German bank account is also required. Overindebtedness must not exist. If the Schufa score is too low, your application could be rejected. Unlike most other providers, Best Bank does not require proof of income for mini loans.

You can also take out a mini loan with Best Bank if your income is irregular or if you need state support. Of course, you should be sure that you can repay the money and interest within the term, because if you do not repay the loan, a reminder procedure is initiated, as with any other loan.

What is a 50 dollar loan needed for?

What is a 50 dollar loan needed for?

You can borrow 50 USD quickly and cheaply on the Internet

Basically, 50 USD is not much money. Such a sum can usually be borrowed from friends or relatives. If this is not possible, you can of course take out a mini loan. This can be useful, for example, if you are short of money and have incurred unexpected costs.

At the end of the week, you may find that there is hardly any money left and that your next salary payment is expected early next week. With a 50 dollar loan, for example, you could finance weekend shopping and don’t have to limit yourself too much.

You may also drive to work by car and find that you can no longer drive to the next salary receipt with your tank of fuel. Then borrow the 50 USD and refuel so that you can drive to work until the next salary. Such a loan is not very useful for smaller purchases such as video games. If it fails for 50 USD, you’d better wait.

How quickly is a 50 dollar loan paid out?

With Best Bank, it can take up to 15 working days for the money to be paid out. There is also a paid express option. With this option, Best Bank promises that the money will be paid out within 24 hours. However, the acceleration fee of 29 USD already exceeds half of the loan amount. The fee is payable on repayment, which means that you would pay a total of 79.43 USD for your 50 USD mini loan.

When do you have to repay a 50 dollar loan?

When do you have to repay a 50 dollar loan?

At Best Bank, with this loan amount, there is only the option to repay the amount in one installment. The term is 30 days. You must have paid back the total amount no later than 30 days after the payment.

Instant Loan Credit Withdrawal times from 24 hours

Instant Payoff Loan – Get Money into Your Account Quickly

Instant Payoff Loan - Get Money into Your Account Quickly

An instant payment loan is the solution for you if a classic loan with a waiting period of a few days is not an option. Some situations require the borrowed money to be in the account quickly, for example to pay an urgent bill. In cases where credit is needed quickly, an instant disbursement loan can help.

This means that you will usually receive the requested loan amount within 24 hours. Such a loan is available in the form of various types of credit. Depending on the amount required, both a small loan and a mini loan can therefore represent an alternative to a regular loan.

Due to the short payout time, this type of loan is often referred to as a rush credit or instant credit with instant payment. The term instant loan is also common.

Here you can find out everything about:

  • How you can quickly apply for an instant loan online
  • What payout times you can expect
  • Credit options with and without Credit Bureau with immediate payment
  • Swiss loans and what options are available without proof of income
  • Variants like an emergency loan without Credit Bureau and without credit check with immediate payment
  • Different types of credit from 500 USD

We also provide information on how Infra Banks Service can help you choose the right loan for you.

What is an Instant Payoff Loan?

What is an Instant Payoff Loan?

A loan with immediate disbursement is a kind of urgent loan, in which the borrower gets the borrowed amount into his account within a very short time. This type of loan is often referred to as an instant loan.

After the successful application, the bank usually transfers the corresponding amount on the same day. After one to three days, the borrower usually has the money in his account. The exact payment time depends on the provider and the agreed conditions. Such a loan is therefore particularly helpful when a smaller amount of money is needed quickly. An instant disbursement loan can be applied for in the form of different types of credit.

Depending on the amount required, the following loan types are particularly suitable:

  • Small loan with immediate payment
  • Mini loan with instant payment

Such a loan can be applied for easily from home or by smartphone. Waiting times are usually very short, so that the desired amount can be paid out quickly.

Apply for a fast-payable loan quickly and securely with Infra Bank

Apply for a fast-payable loan quickly and securely with Matchbanker

Classic banks also offer immediate payouts, but this is usually associated with more effort. In the case of a regular bank loan, the process of checking creditworthiness is usually more complex and can take some time. If a loan payment is needed in a short period of time, an online loan is often the simpler and faster way.

In addition to Germany, Infra Bank provides loans every day in ten other countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Spain and France. A credit comparison is essential to find the best possible offer. On Infra Bank, you can filter your credit needs according to your personal needs and therefore get a comprehensive overview of the existing offers on the online credit market.

Infra Bank therefore simplifies the often time-consuming process of loan comparison and enables you to quickly find the cheapest offer. After you have selected an offer, you will be redirected to the lender’s website, where you can easily apply for your loan online. In addition to all the relevant conditions, Infra Bank gives you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the loan in question. Our service is non-binding and free of charge.

How do I take out a small loan with immediate disbursement?

How do I take out a small loan with immediate disbursement?

A small loan, whether with or without an immediate payment, usually comprises between 500 and 5000 USD and can be helpful in many situations.

Due to the relatively small amount, a small loan with immediate disbursement can usually be applied for and obtained quite easily.

Borrowing a small loan with an immediate payment usually works as follows:

  1. Fill out the loan application digitally in a few minutes
  2. Examination of the information and, if necessary, approval of the application
  3. Online identification and signing of the loan agreement
  4. Approval and immediate payment

Note that a certain minimum income is usually required. This can vary depending on the provider, but is often around 1000 USD per month.

Maturities of small loans can vary widely: many providers can choose between 6 months and 5 years. It should be remembered that a longer term also means that you pay longer interest. This factor should be kept in mind when choosing a loan and the associated term and should be calculated in advance.

If the required minimum income is a problem, a mini loan with an immediate payout can be a good option to get a financial boost quickly.

When is a mini loan with immediate payout useful?

When is a mini loan with immediate payout useful?

Depending on the project, a mini loan with immediate disbursement can be of great help. A mini loan can be helpful with amounts between around 100 to 3000 USD, for example, to bridge the time until the next salary payment in financial emergencies or to pay an unforeseen bill. Due to the small loan amount of a mini loan, both approval and an immediate disbursement are highly likely to be obtained.

In the past, it was often difficult to get a mini loan with an instant payment. In the meantime, many providers have specialized in the issue of mini loans with immediate disbursement. Many providers promise payout times from as little as 24 hours. If the loan application is successful in the morning, the money can arrive in the borrower’s account the same day. The term of a mini loan with immediate payment is usually about a month, but can often be adjusted by a few weeks.

In some cases there are also additional express offers that can be booked. The applicable fee must be observed.

Can I get a 500 USD express loan with immediate payment?

Can I get a 500 USD express loan with immediate payment?

One of the most requested and most frequently taken loan amounts is an amount of 500 USD. Such a loan falls into the category of a mini loan and can usually be granted very well with an immediate payment. A small loan is characterized not only by an available short payout time but also by short terms. Most of these are between 30 and 60 days.

The relatively short term of a small loan can be particularly positive if money is needed quickly at a certain point in time, but the borrower does not want to be obliged to repay it for a long time. In this way, you can pay for the urgent investment or invoice for which the loan was taken out and then pay it off the next month with the next salary receipt. This solves the financial difficulty and there are no longer obligations.

Is there a rush credit without Credit Bureau with immediate payment?

Is there a rush credit without Credit Bureau with immediate payment?

There is often a desire to quickly receive money to make an urgent payment. If your own creditworthiness is assessed as rather less good, this desire for immediate disbursement often comes up in connection with the question of a Credit Bureau-free loan.

Express credit and lightning credit are two names for the same type of credit. What is meant is a loan with a very short payout time that is available to the consumer within a very short time. Offers often sound tempting here: Receive the desired amount in the shortest possible time without a lot of evidence and quickly get liquidity again. However, caution is advised with such lightning credits. Without Credit Bureau, an immediate payout is almost impossible.

Providers who still make such promises are often dubious. Banks that offer loans without Credit Bureau – with or without an immediate payment – are located abroad. You can find out more about Credit Bureau here. Therefore, it does not necessarily have to take a long time to process a loan, but a few days can be expected before the loan contract is concluded and the money is available.

However, despite moderate creditworthiness, there are still ways to get money quickly with a rush credit.


Real estate credit glossary

A document specifying to the borrower that the lender agrees to lend the funds necessary for the project. The loan agreement is not the loan offer because it often includes reservations (insurance, surety, etc.). However, it allows the borrower to know that the lending organization accepts his file and under what conditions.

Advance payment


Amount paid by the purchaser upon signature of the reservation of the property. Required by the seller, the deposit constitutes a commitment guarantee.

Authentic deed of sale


The act was drawn up by the notary who defines the rights and obligations of the two parties, buyer and seller and thus formalizes the sale of real estate.
NB: The funds necessary for the project are released on the day of the signing of the deed. A sufficiently distant date must be provided in order to allow the reflection period of 10 days to elapse (cf. Scrivener law).

Private deed

The private deed is a document recording an agreement. It is established by one or both parties and signed by them. The writing is free. The signature must be handwritten and affixed at the end of the act. There must be as many originals of a private deed as there are participants in the deed.

Real estate agent

Specialist in real estate transactions. He offers real estate for sale and is involved in the conclusion of legal acts.

Personal contribution

Amount used to finance part of the property acquisition. It can come from different sources, donations, investments, sale of the property, or additional loans (1% employer, loan at% rate, etc.).

The calculation of the contribution is different according to the lending organizations. Some only take into account the actual contribution (donations, investments, etc.). The fees of notaries and mortgages are always deducted from the contribution.

Lease (or rental contract)

A document defining the contractual relations between owner and tenant.

Real estate

Are considered the property of a real estate nature, under the expression “buildings”, as well as land as houses, apartments, estates, etc.


The cadastre is a document drawn up by the municipalities. It identifies all land properties and fixes their rental value serving as a basis for local taxes. Each town hall has a cadastre service which makes this document available.

Repayment capacity (or debt ratio)


Each lending organization applies a coefficient to calculate how much the borrower can repay each month. The average norm is 33% of income; it includes loans already outstanding.


The surety is the commitment of a third party to the bank to settle the debt of the borrower when the latter no longer meets its obligations.

Planning certificate

Indispensable before any real estate transaction, it constitutes the main official document of information on the possibilities of using land as well as on the architectural constraints to be respected (forms of roofs, windows, the color of tiles), whether built or not.

Condominium fees

These are the costs and expenses necessary for the proper functioning of a condominium.

Coefficient of Land Occupancy (COS)

It enables you to find out the maximum number of square meters that can be built in relation to the land surface. It is the Local Urban Planning Plan (ex-POS: Land Occupancy Plan) which fixes one or more COS for each zone.

Compromise of sale (or promise to sell)

A legal act that commits the seller and the buyer and which corresponds to a firm sale. It can be either an authentic deed signed at the notary’s office or a private deed.

Housing Savings Account (CEL)

Anyone can hold both a CEL and a PEL (Plan Epargne Logement) in the same establishment and collect the sums for the same operation. Compared to the ELP, the CEL is a very flexible housing savings formula, but it is much less efficient.

Conditions precedent


Contained in a preliminary contract (the promise of sale or compromise of sale), the conditions precedent suspend the execution of the contract at the occurrence of an event. The contract will only take effect when the planned event takes place.

Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI)

In most cases, the owner of the land (owner) is an individual. The Individual House Construction Contract imposes a legal framework on builders. It usually involves the provision of plans.

Loan agreement

Once accepted by the borrower, the loan offer becomes the loan contract.

Cost of credit

The price of the credit includes the total amount of interest received, to which must be added the cost of insurance and handling fees.

Credit in fine


A fixed-rate mortgage, not amortizable, the borrower only repays interest during the term of the loan. The borrowed capital remains intact until the term of the credit and, at maturity, the borrower repays it in one go. This type of credit is often used in combination with a savings contract which allows the accumulation of interest to settle the loan at its term.

Relay credit

Intended for owners, it provides funding for new housing without waiting for the resale of the old one. It is a short-term loan (two years maximum) whose monthly payments can be collected at the time of the sale. Often associated with a long-term loan, it is then used under the name of “resale loan”.

Credit, loan or loan


Contract by which an individual is loaned funds to finance a purchase. The creditor is a lender such as a bank or an institution specializing in credit.

The debtor is an individual. It relates to a specific sum of money and for the performance of a specific operation. The parties define the conditions from the start: the amount borrowed, duration, rate, amortization, etc. NB: each personal situation, each type of operation (purchase of a main or secondary residence, investment, etc.) has its type of credit.